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Tree Removal Services in East Toronto and Scarborough

Wind, extreme weather conditions and moisture can be some of the main factors that can cause damage to the trees. It is very important to have a diseased or dying/dead tree assessed and possibly removed from your property. If you are looking for a company that offers safe and efficient tree removal services in East Toronto and Scarborough, Lakeside Tree Service is the right choice for you.

Tree removal can be a dangerous job to handle on your own. Proper knowledge about the type of the tree, its age and other related factors have to be considered during the tree removal process. From stump grinding to brush chipping, we have the equipment and skill to get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to help you maintain and improve the life and health of your trees. You don’t have to worry anymore about a dangerous tree during the next storm. Call us today to learn more about us. We will be happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: City of Toronto requires a permit to remove any tree over 30 cm / 1.4 m above ground; we can help you with your permit process.

Our Services Include:

Stump grinding
Tree removal
Brush chipping

Dead and Overgrown Trees Can Be Dangerous and Messy!

We offer professional and hassle-free tree removal services to our valued customers in East Toronto and Scarborough.

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