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Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in East Toronto and Scarborough

Unwanted stumps can cause a threat to your property by inviting insects such as ants and termites. Overgrown and broken branches broken can lower the curb appeal of your home. In this situation, an experienced arborist can make your property a more beautiful and useful place. Count on the professionals at Lakeside Tree Service if you are in need of tree trimming and pruning services in East Toronto and Scarborough. Business and homeowners in the area count on our experience to improve the health, overall appearance and safety of their trees.

Don’t let the value and appeal of your property decrease because of overgrown or dead trees. Tree trimming is performed to maintain optimum growth of the shrub or hedge. On the other hand, tree pruning is the process of removing dead, loose or infected branches. At our Lakeside Tree Service, we work with our customers and help them decide the best tree care option. Storm proof your tree.

Tree trimming and pruning by an experienced arborist can help you keep your tree healthier and improve its appearance. Contact Lakeside Tree Service to schedule your service today. Here are some reasons you should consider to opt for tree trimming and pruning regularly:

It helps in giving an aesthetically pleasing shape or design to your trees.
It allows trees to begin new growth and fruit production.
You can reduce the canopy and let more sunlight in by removing overgrown branches.
It allows you to diagnose, treat and avoid spreading of diseases with regular maintenance.
Less chance of tree damaging and wind or ice stones.

Tree Trimming Is Important to Keep Your Trees Healthy!

Our arborists are trained to evaluate your trees and suggest the ideal types of trimming.

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